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Ars Nova - New Music
Guillaume de Machaut, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Philippe de Vitry

NEOS 21802
October 2018

Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Catherine Lamb
Plainsound Counterpoint / Mirrors

NEOS 11505
March 2015

Peter Warlock, J. S. Bach, Arcangelo Corelli, Francesco Manfredini, Johan Pachelbel, Earl J. Reisdorff, Roland Fudge, Andy Evans, Derek Smith
Merry Christmas - Traditional and New Christmas Music

NEOS 90902
November 2010

Nikolaus Brass

NEOS 11021
April 2010

Giacinto Scelsi, Isang Yun, Iannis Xenakis, Manfred Stahnke, Hans Werner Henze, Bent Lorenzen
music for double bass

NEOS 11018
January 2010

Wolfgang von Schweinitz
Plainsound Glissando Modulation

NEOS 10812
June 2009