Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The BBVA Foundation is sponsoring NEOS projects

The BBVA Foundation expresses the corporate responsibility of BBVA, a global financial services group committed to working for the improvement of the societies in which it does business.

The Foundation supports knowledge generation, scientific research, and the promotion of culture, ensuring that the results of its work are relayed to society at large. Among its preferred areas of activity are the basic sciences, biomedicine, ecology and conservation biology, the social sciences and literary and musical creation. It has recently established the International Frontiers of Knowledge and Culture Awards to honor outstanding contributions in front-line research and artistic creation, particularly in the sphere of music.

The BBVA Foundation is now collaborating with the prestigious record label NEOS in the recording and diffusion of a varied selection of the most creative contemporary music, and the production of novel versions of classical works. In doing so, the Foundation hopes to bring to the attention of a wider public an especially innovative dimension of the culture of our times.

Fundación BBVA
Paseo de Recoletos, 10
28001 Madrid

Tel. (34) 91 374 54 00
Fax (34) 91 374 85 22

Plaza de San Nicolás 4
48005 Bilbao

Tel. (34) 94 487 52 52
Fax (34) 94 424 46 21

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